Long Hours at “The Office”

My wonderful husband has bitten off more than he can chew once again. So I don’t get in trouble, I’m adding the disclaimer that this is strictly my opinion (and therefore reality of course) and he would be quick to disagree.

He has been putting in long hours day and night towards his new job. When he gets off of work at night, we head to my office where we can both get out of the house and focus, him on his work, and me on my blog. It is my office because it is where I read/study/play during the day while he is downtown in his cubical.

This  is my office.

Once my office shuts down (unfortunately they have a 10:00pm lights out, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here policy) we then go home where the work continues.

A few hours after being back at home is usually when the exhaustion, slightly delirious, “must get this done before day break” mantra sets in.

It look a little something like this:

After awhile, Wife (that’s me!) starts to annoy Husband with the camera.

This is where I decide I’ve hit my wall and run off to bed where David joins about an hour later. Then we wake up the next morning and it all starts again.

This is my life. And I love it!


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