3 Weeks with Dr. Hiney

Okay, so his name isn’t Dr. Hiney, it’s Dr. Heiner and he’s a dentist. For awhile there  I was calling him Dr. Hiney because I thought he was a bit of an ass.

You see, shortly after moving to Tucson, I broke my tooth. It was a tooth that already had a rather large filling in it from being broken once before. I was eating a LaraBar when it broke. You know…LaraBars? Soft. Chewy but not sticky. Yeah, a LaraBar!

My tooth was on it’s last leg I guess. I’m pretty sure it would have broken even if it had been a marshmellow I was munching on.

Anyhow, I ended up at Dr. Heiner’s office because he was what my insurance would cover. He (as I figured would happen before I even went in) said that I would need a crown and made me an appointment for the following day.

The next day I went in, had several shots in the mouth because they couldn’t get me numb, and Dr. Heiner went to town on my tooth. Before I knew it I had a crown. I thought the whole process went by pretty quick and that he wasn’t necessarily very focused on my tooth while proceeding to talk about his personal life to me, which felt like a major boundary failure on his part if I might add.

As soon as I went home my tooth hurt like never before, and when I say like never before I mean it providing I had zero pain upon arriving at the dentist. I decided I would give it some time. Perhaps is was just sensitive from all the work?

A week later, with the pain getting worse, I went back for a third time to see Dr. Hiner where he decided that the crown wasn’t on all the way and “patched it up”. Might I add he had to numb me for this too.

After being home for another week, my tooth hurt even worse than the first time he had touched it, except now I had a bad chemical taste in my mouth and could wiggle the tooth like I was in first grade and gearing up to lose it.

Once again, I went back to Dr. Heiner’s office where he decided he would cut it off and make an entirely new crown for the tooth. After 3 hours at his office and some 9 shots in the mouth (they had a hard time getting me numb once again) I had yet another crown.

It has now been 3 days since my second crown has been put on and my tooth does feels better, not perfect, but better. I still have some bad sensitivity to hot and cold and it hurts to open my jaw all the way, but my pain has gone from about a 10 down to a 4 or  5. Lets pray that it is on the path to recovery and I wont have to go back again.

So several hundred dollars later, some 14+ shots in the mouth, 4 visits to the dentist, 3 weeks of horrific tooth pain and drinking my coffee through a straw, and what do I have to show for it all?

This super cool T-shirt of course!

Dr. Heiner thought I should be compensated for everything I have been through, and so he gave me this T-Shirt. Yes, A T-shirt.

I have my doubts that my tooth is okay just yet. It still hurts and the chemical taste has resurfaced. I sure hope I don’t have to have even more work done.


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