So earlier today I decided that the watermelon we had bought took up way too much room in the fridge and wasn’t getting eaten fast enough.

This was clearly getting on my nerves, so after reading the latest post on one of my favorite blogs, Le Femme Epicure, which was all about watermelons and different ways to use them, I decided I would juice it! Actually…since watermelons are something along the lines of 92% water, then did I really juice it? Or did I ring the water out of it?

Either way, I started this whole process by cutting up my lovely watermelon.

Once all cut up, I piled it into my blender. Clearly not all at once. I had to do the whole “rinse and repeat” a few times due to the large size of the watermelon compared to the mediocre size of my blender.

Next I flipped the switch on the blender and watched it go to town, whipping me  up some lovely watermelon puree.

After the fact I thought I should have done something exciting and delicious with the puree. Unfortunately I had already strained it.

Badabing Badaboom! I had watermelon Juice….or water?

Mixed with a little seltzer water all poured over ice and I had a delicious cool drink for those hot desert days. (I have to admit, it was much more delicious than I initially thought it would be)

So am I really going to drink all of that watermelon do you ask? Why, yes. I’m going to make it into watermelon margaritas!


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